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2023 Young Musicians Concerto Competition

  Competition Winners:

  • Category I Age 8-11Y: 

        Angelina Wang Violin

       (1st place trophy and $200 cash Award)                                     

        Michelle Huo Violin

        (2nd place trophy and $150 cash Award)


  • Category II Age 12-14Y: 

        Adam Liu Violin

        (1st place trophy and $200 cash Award)

       Kevin Wu Violin

        (2nd place trophy and $150 cash Award)

       Bernard Zhang Cello

        (3rd place trophy and $100 cash Award)


 Winners will perform with the chamber orchestra in the 2024 Spring Concert.

 All the participants got certificates and a $20 scholarship.







Please apply by July 31st, 2023

Concerto Competition Application Fee : $50

Competition date:  September 9th&10th, 2023

Competition is open to Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano.

Categories: (Age is determined by July 31st, 2023) :

  • Category I Age 8-11Y  Time limit 5 minutes

  • Category II Age 12-14Y  Time limit 6 minutes

  • Category III Age 15-17Y  Time limit 7 minutes

Competition Rules:

  • Memorization is REQUIRED.

  • Strings contestant must be a member of Ivy Chamber Strings of 2023-2024 season.

  • Strings contestant must provide his or her own accompanist.

  • Repertoire must be chosen from the standard literature and should demonstrate excellent musicianship and proper technique.

  • Only ONE movement is required.

  • Judges decision is FINAL.

Award: ​

  • Scholarship, trophy or certificate for First place, Second place, Third place and Honor award.

  • The Winners will have the opportunity to perform their piece with orchestra.


   Any concerto movement from the Baroque and Classical era.

   (*Those who wish to play a concerto movement from other composers should contact us for approval.)

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